Option 1

This option is the most affordable website solution available anywhere because not only is hosting and maintenance covered for the full year, we also do all the setup and customization for you within 24 to 72 hours and train you on how to use the control panel to make simple content edits. This option starts at $100 annually and is essentially a hybrid as it also functions as your digital business card which you can easily share with new prospects on their mobile phones. The website is fully scalable as your business grows so you can continue to add more pages, features and functionality.

Once the project is completed that’s it. Your hosting and maintenance is covered for the first year then you just pay an annual renewal fee of $100 to keep it online thereafter. We will also show you a powerful referral marketing strategy which was developed to work exclusively with this product. This is the perfect option for entrepreneurs, sales professionals or new business owners looking for the most affordable website solution.

Option 2

Full website development in stages where you start with $150 down for the first stage of development which is usually completed within 48 to 72 hours and you only pay for essentially what’s needed and no more. If the website is complete to your satisfaction within the first 72 hours then you don’t pay for any further customization and we consider the project closed in the first stage of development. However, if you would prefer additional customization or features we move to the second stage of development and charge accordingly in increments of $50 or $150 depending if you need further design customization or additional functionality. Once your website development project is completed and closed you will get full hosting and maintenance covered for the first year at no additional cost then pay a renewal fee of just $150 annually thereafter.

We are the only ones offering web design at these price points and we guarantee our work. However, there are some limitations to our approach but this is how we’re able to save you on development cost and still deliver the highest quality product and service.